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Autumn Workshops

If you work with young audiences, there’s a chance to get involved with our Autumn workshop programme

The next round of workshops are ready to go!

Hello friends! Hope you all had a lovely summer, and that you’re as excited as me about it being officially scarf season.

It’s been a slightly weird summer, with some really interesting project work interspersed with some quarantine, some personal life stuff (more on that another day) and a whole lot of admin.

But, scarf season means new pencil cases and new timetables, and here at Inquisitive Narratives, we’re all about the timetables.

We have three workshop session dates available for our Autumn session. Each one is 90 minutes long, and includes 30 minutes of general chat (ie: me quizzing you relentlessly about how you work and what you need) and then a 60 minute freestyle brainstorming session over some delicious data.

So, would you like to be involved?

Here are some things which you might like to know first…

Will I be compensated for my time?

The first workshop should take around an hour and we can offer £30 per person in money or vouchers

How many folk are you after?

Each workshop will be with 6 people, which will hopefully be the perfect number for interesting chat, but everyone getting a go.

I can’t participate in something like this…

We’ll try and remove any barriers which could prevent participation. Whether you need a 1 on 1, would rather work by email or know you can’t commit to a time in advance, we gotcha.

No prior data knowledge is required at all, no prep is needed and we’re looking for creative practitioners of different types. If your work ever involves presenting ideas to, or communicating with, younger audiences then we’d love to have you along. This could mean…

comedians | storytellers | producers | directors | actors | science communicators | puppeteers | dancers | writers | performance artists | poets | dramaturges | radio producers | film makers | script editors

If you’d like to be involved, send us an email (there’s a contact form down there too) with your preferred date. We’ll be making decisions fairly quickly, and if there’s a high demand we can add some sessions during October.

The dates are…

Monday 27th September (10-11.30am)

Monday 4th October (7-8.30pm)

Thursday 7th October (2-3.30pm)

At the moment, everything will be on Zoom although we keep hoping that there’ll be some online collaboration work before too long.

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