How can data be opened up for young audiences through performance?

We’re taking steps to find out…


We’re conducting research to see how data can be opened up to young audiences through live performance


Next step: create example pieces which communicate data, and help to ethically gather data, from young audiences


And then? Create training and career opportunities for creative practitioners around data interpretation and presentation.

Easy, right?

We’d love it if you joined us as we explore the possibilities of data, performance and young audiences. We’ll be blogging here and on Medium, and adding to our Twitter as the project develops. There’ll be events in early 2021, followed by multiple ways to get involved and contribute to the conversation.

Blogging Stuff

And so what now?

Time flies when you’re exploring how to connect young people to data through performance, eh? It’s been some months since I finished the first stage of researching and developing Inquisitive Narratives. After I gently closed that chapter, and got the benefit of distance to look back at it all, a few things have become clearer.…

Autumn Workshops

If you work with young audiences, there’s a chance to get involved with our Autumn workshop programme

We Need You

We need to know what you don’t know There are so many ways which data can be used to fuel creative practice, and so many possibilities for new connections. Inquisitive Narratives is exploring ways that performance can connect young audiences to data. Now, it’s time to get more folk involved, and find out who needs…

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