Photo of Sian by Ryan McGoverne

Hi pal. Welcome to Inquisitive Narratives.

This website will be logging the progress of a new project which will be looking at ways to connect data and young audiences through performance. I’m pretty excited.

I’m Siân Bevan, the project lead and the person who will be writing most of things you read on this website, and our associated social media. I’m passionate about communicating complex ideas in simple ways, and have worked with younger audiences in several capacities: as a performer, as a script writer, a workshop leader and event organiser.

Research and development funding for this project has been provided by the Connected Innovators programme, which is delivered by Creative Edinburgh and part of the Creative Informatics family. I’m deeply grateful for their support, and hope to build on this project to create training and paid opportunities for creative practitioners, along with exciting data communication strategies for organisations looking to connect with younger people.

Got a question? Want to get involved? Fill in the form right down there, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.