Project Overview

The Questions

And so it begins…

Starting a big project is hard. There are so many paths, so many people to talk to, so many big ideas to get your head around that it’s difficult to just pick a thing and do it.

Starting a big project during an international pandemic is, I’d argue, harder.

But, at last, this baby’s starting to crawl.

Sometimes, if I get a big idea, I’m just like a kid, like I’ve found a new toy

Dolly Parton

It turns out this project comes down to answering four questions…


How is data currently presented to young audiences?

This is where I am at the moment: what’s being done, and who’s doing it? I’m hoping to have a very (very) brief overview of this in the UK by December


How could live performance change this?

There have already been amazing bits of live work about, or inspired by data, but what else could be done? How else could we do it?


How can data interpretation be a viable career option for creative practitioners?

This isn’t about changing careers – this is about using what you have, and what you do in a new way.


How can creative practitioners help to (ethically) gather data from young audiences?

There are times when it’s useful to have data about young people – it can help shape policy, support inclusion and improve access to health provisions. How can performance help do this? How so we keep everyone safe?

Four questions, with a lot to unpack in all of them.

There are a lot of conversations to be had. Conversations I’ve found difficult to start, because I wasn’t sure that I knew enough about the subject…or because I was worried about treading on toes.

I’ve been thinking a lot (and will write about on here) about disrupting with kindness. Rebellion with empathy and a revolution which marches with open arms. A lot of ideas come with a lot of responsibility, but that can’t be an excuse – I’m realising, slowly – to put off helping to make changes.

So, here we go. Pushing off from the side with a deep, deep breath.

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